Panel Management

It’s Like CRM for MR.

Filter and select based upon user profiles, community activity and any survey response across ANY survey. Combine and aggregate data across any survey and append to any data set. This is like creating a mash up of survey data on the fly for an all new survey data set. You may find you have the answer you were looking for without even having to launch a new project!

Now it’s easy to send group invites, reminders and 1-1 emails. You can categorize and tag members for easy segment creation and longitudinal tracking, create private groups for special invites and engagements like Customer Advisory Boards, and easily save and export for any type of research activity (in-person recruiting, at home trials and more).

A Smarter Dashboard

Get Smarter – Every Day.

Our integrated Engagement, Health and Research Dashboard provides a quick overview of Community Health, a snapshot of all current projects with quick links to real-time interactive reporting, and an activity overview for all your projects to easily manage reminders and more.

  • See community traffic, browser and device type.
  • Manage incentive accounts.
  • View user tags and segments.

All New Reporting

Here it is! All new reporting, cross-tabs, comparisons and custom report creation with sharing. A few highlights – but please call your Community Manager or email us for a live Demo – you won’t believe how powerful, easy and fast it is!

  • Create a custom report in minutes. Customize the title, chart titles, charts (e.g., stacked, bar, diverging, etc.), filter results or create custom cross-tab comparisons with stats testing, add a summary for each chart, hide questions, and easily email or share a secure link.
  • Compare all results in the project by ANY question variable – not just the questions in that project, but by ANY question ever asked within your community. This means you can now create cross-tabs using our Smart Sample interface across any variable (not just the questions in the given survey).
  • Filter all results in the project by ANY question variable.
  • Create cross-tabs with stats testing based upon any comparison.
  • Create Advanced Filters + comparisons based upon ANY combination of questions and answers in your community. Then save these Advanced Filters to use again and again. It’s like compound logic on the fly for analysis!
  • Share all of these custom reports easily through our Customer Boardroom.

We look forward to hearing the creative ways you will use this new on-demand reporting and analysis feature.

Email Tracking

We offer integrated email as part of your insight community. This means:

  • Email invitations,
  • 1-click reminder emails,
  • Moderator emails,
  • 1-1 member emails,
  • Weekly activity update emails,
  • Incentive emails,
  • Automated “New set of questions added” or “New activity launched” emails.

We have now also added email tracking and management!

  • On each member’s profile tab you can now see a list of key emails sent to them. See the text of the email, if they received it and if they opened it.
  • For each activity see a list of all emails sent (invitations, reminders, 1-off) and view the email text and tracking metrics (delivered, bounced, opened).
  • You can even search by email address to see a filtered list of all emails sent to that user for a given activity.

This means you can get a better handle on community engagement and response rates. In addition, you can now see the incentive amounts offered as well as other email content in the historical email metrics to easily follow-up with respondents.

We hope you like this new set of enhanced features – it is already making our lives much easier!

Heat Mapping is Here!

We now offer integrated heat mapping – and yes, it works on mobile! You can now add heat map questions to your surveys, focus groups and live chats. Heat mapping is actually 3 new question types:

  1. Heat map: Create an infinite number of categories and have users drop customizable (icon shape, faces, colors) markers on the stimuli. Set min and max for markers as well.
  2. Timed heat map: Measure the time it takes for users to drop each marker (e.g., “where would you click to do X?”).
  3. Sticky note: Just like our regular heat map, but users can ad context to each marker and explain why they placed it as they did.

You can easily test:

  • Creative (advertisements, layouts, etc.)
  • Web mock-ups (not only can you get design feedback, you can even get some quick UX with time-to-task measurement – show Webpage A and ask “where would you click to edit your cart”, then show Webpage B and ask the same (or course randomize the order with our easy page groups and randomization). Compare how long it took to 􀃣nd the “edit cart” button on A vs. B and you have some amazingly fast and powerful UX insights.
  • Text/content (just show an image of the text you want people to reaction to and let them mark what they like, what is confusing and so forth – just like the big white boards for in-person focus groups).
  • Any other images.

Reporting is awesome:

  • View the heat map or raw markers.
  • Change the color scheme for your reporting.
  • Add and remove categories from the heat map.
  • See interactive counts for each category.
  • Click on any comment and the heat map will show you where on the image that comment was made.
  • Create areas-of-interest (AOI) on the fly. Just select the area of the image you want to explore (and shrink or expand the square) and then drag it sound the image to explore and the charting and all associated comments will automatically update to match your AOI.
  • One click to export the heat map with your defined color scheme, AOI and more for easy integration in your reports.

Piping and Based-On

Two new powerful survey features – made simple.


  • Easily “pipe” in open ended text or selected responses from any previous question(s) in the survey.
  • The “pipe” can be in the question text or piped into any any option (or within any portion of an answer option).


  • Dynamically show answer options based upon any previous lists show in a survey.
  • Works across matrix, single choice, multiple choice and rating! (e.g., “Earlier you rated the following brands 3 out of 5 starts, for each please tell us why?” – this would show a list of all brands that were rated 3 stars by that respondent with a verbatim option for each.)

International Capabilities Are Here!

We Speak Your Language – All of Them!

I am pleased to announce we now support real-time translations across our platform with Google Translate in addition to native platform translations (all shall be explained below). With new translation features and our expanded teams and capabilities, we can now serve all of your global insight needs. So, how does this work?

Native Platform Language Support

  • We have built the entire platform to contain native language support (meaning fully human translated and proofed languages can be added to your community for the languages you want to offer community members).
  • You can now set a “native” language setting within your community. This will load the platform (things like the “Next” button, login pages, error messaging, and so forth) in your native language of choice.
  • Community members may also set their own default platform language.

Google Translate

  • Beyond the native platform language, we have integrated Google Translate across all community member pages – including discussions, live chat, surveys, ideation sessions and more. This supports 100+ languages.
  • This means you can now easily allow cross-language participation, interact with non-native speakers and economically scale your community globally.

We sold! (but not out)

I thought this would be a bit more emotional writing this, but it is more with excitement than a sense of loss or sadness that I write the “WE SOLD” blog post. It seems like a natural progression, like the right thing to do for our little company – for our clients and employees.

As you may or may not know, this is a company that I started way back in grad school (2003) with a very patient wife and two young children at home. 

We began as Sentient Services (a full service market research agency – just me and a laptop to be precise), grew a bit (4 different office spaces, a UX lab, a short-lived in-house creative agency, a non-profit launch…we stayed busy), and then built the icanmakeitbetter insight community platform to meet our clients’ needs and ours. Our mission has always been to make the world a better place by empowering the human voice to improve the products and services we use every day. This covers innovation, design, user-experience, engagement, marketing – basically making things better for all of us, by listening and engaging on a human level. The problem was we could not find any software that truly delivered an amazing user experience, bridged the gap from innovation to validation, moved beyond “methodology” and integrated qual and quant research; and did all this faster, easier and cheaper (that’s my sales pitch, so sticking with it!). So, we built the icanmakeitbetter platform! To see a bit more about why I started this business:

We have had our ups and downs through a few economic cycles, but what has always remained true is our awesome clients, unwavering belief in business as a force for good, and desire to serve with integrity. We are now on to our next chapter – we have been acquired and are now part of the ISA and LRW family. Without sounding too effusive – this is an amazing honor. Here we were a small group of research folks building a platform we thought was a game changer and along comes one of the largest and most well-respected global insights organizations and says, “Hey, this is awesome, just what we have been looking for!” Well, we chatted a bit and I am happy to announce we are part of an awesome team that shares our desire for excellence in business and life. It truly is a perfect fit and felt like coming home. What will this mean for us and you? 

We will keep on keeping on – operating icanmakeitbetter and building awesome software and delivering impeccable service, and…

  • Your account team (and the full executive team) will remain the same, no staffing changes.
  • Adding more industry pioneers and thought leaders at our/your service.
  • We can scale and support your traditional research needs, expanded community needs and much more.
  • We can get you who you want easily into your community! Our integrated sampling with SoapBoxSample allows you to reach any audience in your community or in the market – anytime.

I am and will forever be grateful for the trust and faith you put in me personally, our software and our small band of renaissance rebels – let’s keep it up together! I will always be available and at your service.

Best, Paul

Overview + Mission

Let’s start with WHY WE EXIST.

We believe in the power of ideas, the wisdom of communities, and the art of collaboration. That’s why we’re here. We deliver beautiful software and impeccable research services that help organizations improve products, services, and customer experiences by engaging and collaborating.

How do we do this? We provide online customer insight communities. Our platform makes it easy to research, innovate and get feedback – anytime, anywhere, from anyone. We provide a platform to drive conversations that matter, on a human scale that improves organizations, products and services through the power of listening.

We’re a team that works together and believes in having fun in both business and life. We have to work for a living, but it’s the living that defines us, not the work. There are companies that are changing this world for the better. Every day, we strive to be one of them – from the way we operate our business, to our work environment, and most importantly, in the way we interact with those we have the pleasure of calling our clients.

Working with us will be different, it will be better and it will be enjoyable. This is our rule and commitment to you.

  • We provide you with a single point of contact – no finger pointing or buck passing – call and you are taken care of.
  • We allow you to do your job, not worry about ours. We provide impeccable project management, communications and research services second to none.
  • We have an unwavering belief in our employees, our clients and our company.
  • Delighting our clients with our services and building beautiful and elegant software solutions that make the world a better place through empowering feedback is what drives us. Our product roadmap, focus and services fall out naturally from this focus.
  • We believe in our clients and choose to do business with companies that are looking for a long-term partner, provide superior products and services, change us and themselves to be the best, foster mutual respect and are socially responsible.
  • We know why you chose us and we respect that.
    • Our clients hire us only because they think we can do a better job than ANYONE else out there. We beat others for the honor of working with them, we live up to it.
    • When someone gives us work, they are betting their job, their reputation, their income for their family, and their peace of mind when they go home at the end of the day on us. We owe it to them to NEVER fail them.
    • Clients are friends, not a meal ticket. The money comes with good work, trust and friendship, all if which are earned each day, never given away.

Is that it? Yep, life is too short for anything else!

Easy Scheduling – Doodle – A Tool We Like

Hello all. As you know, we here at icanmakeitbetter are constantly looking for ways to…well…MAKE IT BETTER. With that in mind, I wanted to share something cool with you that can possibly help save you time and energy.

Have you ever used Doodle? If so, hooray for you. Doodle makes it super easy to schedule events or appointments (especially when you are coordinating amongst several individuals). It works similar to a poll:

  1. You start by setting up dates or a date range for your meeting
  2. Next, you propose various times within that date range
  3. Invite others to take the poll that contains the various dates and times specified. Participants will indicate which time works the best using just a simple mouse click
  4. You get an update each time someone takes a time slot, that way nobody double books

That’s it. And what’s even better is that it’s free and doesn’t require registration by either the meeting initiator or the participants of a meeting poll. If you are looking for a simple way to find a time to meet give it a try. You can check out Doodle here.