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Introducing: Customer Boardroom

UPDATE (06.05.17): Customer Boardroom now provides:

  • The ability to filter by Active, Pending or Closed
  • The option for stakeholders to remove activities from their Customer Boardroom when done with them.
  • Branding for each company within your Customer Boardroom (great for agencies that have multiple clients).
  • Quickly see what projects have active Customer Boardroom and manage access from your Admin Project View.

UPDATE: Customer Boardroom now supports unlimited file attachments as part of the reportal. Easily include the presentation you created, the final data set, meeting notes and more as part of the secure Customer Boardoom to share with your clients and stakeholders. (Updated images below.)

So what is a Customer Boardroom™? (Oh yeah, we got this thing trademarked!)

  1. It is a single dashboard for your internal or external clients for any project you run on our platform. Whether you are an end-client or research provider you will love this.
  2. Each tile on the dashboard provides the latest update for a given activity. That means – surveys, ideation forums, focus groups, live chats, digital journals – all your updates in one place, finally!
  3. Each tile links directly to a secure interactive report for each activity. No new login or remembering different URLs. Easily view data, see a summary of results, and download data.
  4. No more sending different emails and links for Tuesday night’s groups and Wednesday night’s groups, and having observers and clients click the wrong links. Now provide direct access to each group with a single click on the Customer Boardroom, see live updates across any activity, and when the groups are done that data is right there as well. Integration at its best.
  5. It’s easy to add a new activity to anyone’s Customer Boardroom – simply type their email into the Customer Boardroom option for that activity and they receive an email alert and the activity is already added to their dashboard.
  6. Oh, and for you big brands and clients out there – a SINGLE Customer Boardroom works across any community, vendor or activity as long as they are using our platform. That means one login across all your insight partners to view live updates and reporting for any project!

cusotmer boardroom with attachments     Backroom with attachment callout      Invite to Customer Boardroom

Paul Janowitz
Paul Janowitz
Paul Janowitz is the CEO and Founder of icanmakeitbetter. More importantly - husband, father and lover doing good while doing good work.
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