Introducing: Passive Metering For Your Community

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Introducing: Passive Metering For Your Community

Passive what? For my what? So, let’s start with “passive metering”: Passive metering is the digital path and activity history of a user across mobile, tablet and computer. 

With our deep integration with SoapBoxSample we can now provide digital behavior data from computer or mobile devices for your community members. This provides a holistic view of your target audience’s digital journey. Easily understand the back-to-school shopping path-to-purchase, explore the Hispanic market’s home goods online browsing patterns, learn how CIOs research, share and learn when making new enterprise technology purchases – the sky is the limit!

Feel free to reply to this email or give me a call to discuss how we can easily add passive metering to your communities for unparalled behavioral data and insights.

Paul Janowitz
Paul Janowitz
Paul Janowitz is the CEO and Founder of icanmakeitbetter. More importantly - husband, father and lover doing good while doing good work.
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