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Our First Conference Trade Show Booth!

Well, we may have gone a bit overboard here. We did a blow-up booth:) A few things we learned:

  1. It sets up quickly – about 2 minutes, so that is awesome.
  2. It fits in a large check-on so you can fly with it, but it is a few pounds over the limit ($75 bucks on Southwest)
  3. The Boulder Blimp Company built it in Colorado for us. They did a great job!
  4. It is a bit noisy when the trade show floor is empty – especially for the booth behind you…they will let you know!
  5. So, ask for a wall or corner spot if you go the blow-up route.
  6. The conference was the QRCA and they were great to work with and we met wonderful moderators and partners.
  7. For giveaways we did Klean Kanteen stainless pint cups, bags and stickers. What we learned – no one wanted the bags, stickers are still cool and the cups rocked.
  8. However, many people thought they could not fit the cups in their luggage. So we explained the art of “sock stuffing”. Works great for bringing back fragile stuff when travelling (these cups are not fragile, but same principle applies). Basically stuff socks inside a cup or object and you get equal pressure on the inside and outside so it does not get crushed or broken, and that item (especially when a cup) does not really take up any room since you used its interior space.

Our next event will be The Quirks Market Research Event in Brooklyn – see you there!

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Paul Janowitz
Paul Janowitz
Paul Janowitz is the CEO and Founder of icanmakeitbetter. More importantly - husband, father and lover doing good while doing good work.
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