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Updated Live Chat – Now With Quant

We knew as soon as we released our sweet, easy live chat module this would happen…someone would ask – “Can I put survey questions in there?” The answer is YES! So, is it a chat with survey questions or is it a survey with live chat to probe on the survey responses? The answer is both.
Easily ask survey questions as part of your Live Chat session
See the data roll in with real-time charting and respondent level data
Easily probe and chat around the question, even share results with respondents so they can discuss them as a group
Mix and match chat questions and survey questions
Include video, images and documents as part of any question
Contact us for a live demo to see just how easy it is.

Paul Janowitz
Paul Janowitz
Paul Janowitz is the CEO and Founder of icanmakeitbetter. More importantly - husband, father and lover doing good while doing good work.
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