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Updated Panel Management

Our Users Admin (aka Panel Management) is simple and simply powerful.

  • Filter and select based upon user profiles, community activity and any survey response across ANY survey.
  • Combine and aggregate data across any survey and append to any data set. This is like creating a mash up of survey data on the fly for an all new survey data set. You may find you have the answer you were looking for without even having to launch a new project!
  • Send group invites, reminders and 1-1 emails.
  • Categorize and tag members for easy segment creation and longitudinal tracking.
  • Create private groups for special invites and engagements like Customer Advisory Boards.
  • Easily save and export for any type of research activity (in-person recruiting, at home trials and more).
Paul Janowitz
Paul Janowitz
Paul Janowitz is the CEO and Founder of icanmakeitbetter. More importantly - husband, father and lover doing good while doing good work.
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