Customer Boardroom

Customer Boardroom

An online methodology focused on good conversations.

Why Customer Boardroom?

Online qual platforms need to be flexible and dynamic enough to keep up with the flow of conversation. We designed Customer Boardroom around this concept. A simple interface helps you stay focused. Glanceable data keeps your fingers on the pulse of your room. The result is a research approach that works and feels like a focus group, with all the power of digital communication.

Prompt Conversation with Questions

Customer Boardroom is structured around surveys and activities. Mixing methodologies allows us to get more context for a conversation, which allows our moderators to probe better, and our researchers to understand the complete story. Then chats are added below activities, to dive into discussion.

Single/multi select



Passing Notes

As an observer, you want to follow a conversation, giving suggestions to a moderator without breaking focus. That's why Passing Notes let you send in-line messages in a group chat that only moderators can see. Ask a follow-up question. Give them a hypothetical. Probe deeper. All without the need to leave the chat or talk directly to respondents.


Color Themes

Change Logos

Additional Features

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Upload an email list, use our web widgets, and share on social platforms. Easy, unified tracking and omni-channel recruiting make it fast to start, and simple to scale your customer insights platform.
Change the look of your market research community to match your brand, with extensive options to add logos, background images, and colors.
Our built-in incentives program offers a variety of online gift cards for your members to redeem with points. No accounting hassle on your end.
Field multi-method projects to gather both data points & stories all-in-one. Program both close-ended and open-ended questions in your surveys. Run synchronous live chats with moderated probing.
Engage your members with our ideation session feature, an open-style, bulletin board forum. Members can create their own posts, vote, and comment on each other’s ideas. Brainstorming and innovation right at your fingertips.
With our intelligent User Tab feature, segment your community by persona or any other variable to best meet your research needs. Easily target the right audience to your activities.


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